A Night Away From the Mask …

Pendragon shook her long, white hair and glowered at her reflection, her purple eyes glinting moodily in the dim light of the small studio apartment. She was wearing a black pair of ripped jeans under a faded Nirvana t-shirt contrasting sharply with the intricate bright blue patterns that covered her arms. She was sure that Astro would object to her lack of effort in her outfit for the party and was just the tiniest bit apprehensive about how she would react; there was a very real possibility that she would change Pendragon’s outfit with a snap of her fingers, dressing Pendragon in something completely outlandish. She made a sound of bitter amusement at the thought and spun away from the mirror. She was also more than a little worried about why Astro was so insistent that Pendragon attend Diamond’s party with her. It was so unlike her to show any kind of fear, no matter how small.

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Aggrievances and Answers …

The construction site had become a well defended fortress. It was no longer guarded exclusively by the Guild of Righteousness members but by the army. The soldiers were authorised to use lethal force while the Guild provided less deadly back up.

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Do you ever feel like you’re in the wrong world? Like something, everything, is wrong but you just can’t figure out what it is?

I do.

All the time.

My psychologist says that this is simply due to my amnesia and the fact that I can’t remember anything beyond eight months ago when I woke up floating in Port Phillip Bay with only a name and the strange clothes I was wearing.

Maybe he’s right.

I don’t think he is though.

Everything about this world feels wrong. The feel, the sound, the taste, the scent. It’s all wrong. Jarringly so. Although I’m slowly getting used to it. To the fact that it’s all slightly off.

But I still haven’t gotten used to the nightmares. I don’t think I ever will. They’re so bad that I can’t sleep at night for fear of what they’ll show me. I told my psychologist about them and he tried hypnotherapy on me to try to bring out more of those terrifying half forgotten memories.

It was a disaster; I wound up screaming and was completely inconsolable for hours afterwards. I have no idea what I remembered that day … I’m not sure I want to. My psychologist hasn’t brought up the nightmares since, except to mention that he’s looking into me being kidnapped at some point. He’s wasting his time. I have already looked into the vigilante and villain records and there’s no record of me having anything to do with them.

I’m not sure I’ll ever find out who I really am. This doesn’t upset me though. I don’t think my life was that great before. Now I’m free to do what I want, which I don’t think I was before. With my powers and abilities the world is now my playground.

The New Cape In Town …

The night was still. Melbourne glowed orange in the still night. Somewhere in the distance a siren wailed. Pendragon paced restlessly along the roof of the MCG, kicking moodily at non existent stones. The marks from the previous night were still present; deep gauges and dents scarred the roof. The grounds fared even worse during the fight since the earth had been hurled around and manipulated. It was now barely recognisable as a sporting arena, littered with boulders and scarred by trenches as it was. A large portion of the stands had been crushed by the boulders. The fight had been brief but intense. The Guild of Righteousness’s latest recruit and former apprentice to Flame had been chasing after Pendragon and disrupting her plans ever since the disastrous attempt to break into Flame’s secret headquarters. She had assumed that Norath was simply trying to prove himself to his new team mates while getting revenge for the break in. However, after last night’s attack Pendragon wasn’t so sure about that anymore. It felt like there was more to it, like there was something personal. She just had no idea what she had done to piss off this hero.

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Unsuccessfully Doing What I Do Best …

Pendragon sipped thoughtfully at her smoothie, pulling a face of disgust when she tasted the new tropical flavour she had decided to try for the first time, and looked thoughtfully at the board with two pictures of the two heroes she was investigating pinned to it. Under each photo was a series of dot points covering their careers. Information she had found after a quick google search. She hadn’t found anything overly suspicious about either of them yet, although Pogo’s appearance had been sudden. Very sudden: before he famously saved that plane from crashing into the Sydney Opera House two years ago there was no trace of him. Not as a side kick. Not as a hero under a different alias. Not even as a villain under a different alias. There was no trace of him. He literally came out of nowhere and had almost immediately become a Guild favourite. But then, Pendragon had a similar, albeit less law abiding, story herself. She didn’t think too much of it, although she was curious to learn who Pogo was before he became a Guild hero, what his story was. But as yet she hadn’t been able to pin down where he based himself. As far as she could tell, he was, and always had been, exclusively based at the Guild headquarters, wherever that was. That was going to be problematic when it came to searching through his belongings to find out the truth of who he was.

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No Answers Here …

Pendragon helped Astro begin to shimmy up the cable attached to the arrow, and immediately regretted when she saw how slowly she moved. Astro relied on her magic and didn’t usually have to exert herself physically so much. Pendragon hoped that the mysterious archer would be enough to keep the M.A.G.E.C. security guards from shooting them down. She had an idea about who the archer was and knew that in his prime he would’ve been more than a match. She wasn’t so sure these days however. “Do not touch the fence.” She reminded Astro warningly.

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Into the Wasp’s Nest …

“Can you get us out of here?”

Astro was the only other person who knew that Pendragon had powers, although Pendragon didn’t know the extent of Astro’s knowledge of her powers, or even how she knew that she had powers. She had never told anyone about them. But somehow Astro had ascertained that Pendragon had powers as well as a degree of skill with magic. It didn’t come as a great surprise that she sensed Pendragon’s magic; that was a part of her magic. But Astro shouldn’t have been able to sense Pendragon’s other powers. Continue reading “Into the Wasp’s Nest …”

Dealing With the Loss …

Pendragon paced restlessly around the underground cement bunker that served as her lair.

She had found it shortly after she had woken up in the bay. It had appeared to be disused, but she had set a variety of spells around it to make sure that no one ever stumbled across it, so that she was sure of a safe place to hide if things got really bad for her. Over the months she had furnished it with a lounge suite she had stolen from a high end furniture shop over a two week period. An old heavily scarred door lying horizontally across some cinder blocks served as a coffee table. It was littered with empty food packages and smoothie cups. The Lucis et Flammae was lying on top of the litter next to an old looking vase she had stolen weeks earlier. Next to these was a newspaper opened to a double page spread of photos highlighting Davron’s super hero career. It covered another paper opened to an article about how the Guild of Righteousness were progressing in tracking down the ones responsible for the last week.

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